Research Videos

A Lead-free Atomizer.
Manipulation, separation, identification of cancer cells using Optically-Induced Electrokinetics. (Example paper: PLOS ONE journal 2013)
Manipulation of live cells using MEMS actuators. (Example paper: Best Conference Paper, IEEE-ICRA 2003)
Automating nanoscale assembly by dielectrophoresis and micro-robotics. (Example papers: Best Student Paper Award, 3M-NANO 2102; IEEE Trans. on Automation Sci.&Eng. 2006)
Human motion and gesture recognition using MEMS and vision sensors. (Example paper: IEEE Sensor Journal 2012; top 25 most downloaded paper since 2001 of this journal — in the months of May, June, July, and September 2012)
Human airbag system using MEMS uIMU for deployment.  (Example paper: Best Conference Student Paper, IEEE-ROBIO 2007)
Ionic Propulsion Technology. (Example papers: Best Conference Paper, IEEE/ASME AIM 2007;  Conference paper, IEEE-ICRA 2009)
ODEP Seperation.
Underwater Gripper.
Gesture Recognition.
Micro Power Generator.
Cell Move.
Hip Protector.
Wind Flutter Generator.
CNT Microspotting.
Micro Mixer.