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The WJL Research Group is focused broadly on science and technology, ranging from Flexible, Wearable, and Implantable SensorsMicro/Nano Robotics and Sensing, Artificial Intelligence, Super-Resolution, to Single Cell Analysis. See CURRENT RESEARCH

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News & Highlights
[09/2019] Prof. Li gave a Keynote Speech on “Intelligent Cyberphysical Sensors for Healthcare Applications” at the Cross-Straits and Hong Kong and Macau Smart Healthcare Collaborative Innovation Forum (海峡两岸暨港澳智慧医疗协同创新论坛), 6th World Nobel Laureate Biomedical Summit, September 21, 2019, Shenzhen, China.
[08/2019] James's graduation dinner.
[08/2019] Receiving 2 new grants: ITF and CAS-CityU Joint Lab scheme project.
[09/2018] Prof. W. J. Li visited the prestigious KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in mid-September and lectured at the Int. Workshop on Micro/Nano-engineered Smart Sensors and Devices.
[06/2018] Congratulations! Shahzain will be pursuing his graduate studies as a PhD student at UCLA Mechanical Engineering, whereas Junhui will be pursuing his graduate studies under the supervision of Prof. SUN Yu in UofT.
[05/2018] Welcome HUANG Qingyun for joining our team for his graduate studies.

[04/2018] Prof. WJ Li attended and gave a keynote speech at the 1st Int. Symposium on Cell Bioinformatics, April 26-28, 2018, Nanjing, China. (Organized by the Southeast University and Nanjing Medical University)
[04/2018] Our team had a BBQ party at Prof. WJ Li’s house in Kowloon Tong during Easter Break! Dr. Zhao Yuliang from Qinhuangdao also attended it!
[01/2018] Welcome SUO Zan, LIU Yifan and LUO Jingwen for joining our team.
[01/2018] Congratulations! CHEN Meng and WANG Yufan received funding from CityU SEEDS 2018.
[12/2017] Congratulations! WANG Yufan won the third prize (entrepreneurship category) in the international contest on innovation and entrepreneurship 2017.
[01/2018] [07/2017] Prof. W. J. Li, as the IEEE NTC President, presented the NTC’s Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology, Early Career Award in Nanotechnology, and the Distinguished Service Award at the 2017 NTC Awards Ceremony, which was held in conjunction with the IEEE NANO 2017 conference banquet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Recent Publications
QJ Sun, XH Zhao, Y Zhou, CC Yeung, W Wu, S. Venkatesh, ZX Xu, J. J. Wylie, WJ Li, V. A. Roy, "Fingertip‐Skin‐Inspired Highly Sensitive and Multifunctional Sensor with Hierarchically Structured Conductive Graphite/Polydimethylsiloxane Foams." Advanced Functional Materials 29(18), 1808829 (2019)
F Wang, H Wan, Z Ma, Y Zhong, Q Sun, Y Tian, L Qu, H Du, M Zhang, L Li, H Ma, J Luo, Y Liang, WJ Li, G Hong, L Liu, H Dai, "Light-sheet microscopy in the near-infrared II window." Nature methods 16(6), 545 (2019)
Y Wen, H Yu, W Zhao, F Wang, X Wang, L Liu, WJ Li, "Photonic Nanojet Sub-Diffraction Nano-Fabrication With in situ Super-Resolution Imaging." IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 18, 226-233 (2019)
B Jia, F Wang, H Chan, G Zhang, WJ Li, "In situ printing of liquid superlenses for subdiffraction-limited color imaging of nanobiostructures in nature." Microsystems & nanoengineering 5 (1), 1 (2019)
F Wang, L Liu, G Li, P Li, Y Wen, G Zhang, Y Wang, GB Lee, WJ Li, "Thermo metry of photo sensitive and optically induced electrokinetics chips." Microsystems & nanoengineering 4 (1), 26 (2018)
QJ Sun, J Zhuang, S Venkatesh, Y Zhou, ST Han, W Wu, KW Kong, WJ Li,
"Highly sensitive and ultrastable skin sensors for biopressure and bioforce measurements based on hierarchical microstructures." ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (4), 4086-4094 (2018)
Y Wang, Y Zhao, RHM Chan, WJ Li, “Volleyball Skill Assessment using a Single Wearable Micro Inertial Measurement Unit at Wrist,” IEEE Access (2018).
Y Wang, M Chen, X Wang, RHM Chan, WJ Li, “IoT for Next-Generation Racket Sports Training”, IEEE Internet of Things Journal (2018).
P Li, H Yu, N Liu, F Wang, G-B Lee, Y Wang, L Liu, WJ Li, “Visible light induced electropolymerization of suspended hydrogel bioscaffolds in a microfluidic chip”, Biomaterials Science, May 2018, DOI: 10.1039/C7BM01153A (Featured on Back-cover)
W Liang, Y Zhao, L Liu, Y Wang, WJ Li, GB Lee, “Determination of Cell Membrane Capacitance and Conductance via Optically Induced Electrokinetics,” Biophysical Journal 113 (7), 1531-1539 (2017). (Cover Article)
P Zhou, H Yu, W Yang, Y Wen, Z Wang, WJ Li, L Liu, “Spatial Manipulation and Assembly of Nanoparticles by Atomic Force Microscopy Tip-Induced Dielectrophoresis,” ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2017).
C Wu, TG Lin, Z Zhan, Y Li, SCH Tung, WC Tang, WJ Li, “Fabrication of all-transparent polymer-based and encapsulated nanofluidic devices using nano-indentation lithography,” Microsystems & Nanoengineering 3, 16084 (2017).
J Law, KW Kong, HY Chan, W Sun, WJ Li, EBF Chau, GKM Chan, “Atomization of High-Viscosity Fluids for Aromatherapy Using Micro-heaters for Heterogeneous Bubble Nucleation,” Scientific Reports 7, 40289 (2017).
F Wang, L Liu, H Yu, Y Wen, P Yu, Z Liu, Y Wang, WJ Li, “Scanning superlens microscopy for non-invasive large field-of-view visible light nanoscale imaging,” Nature Communications 7 (doi:10.1038/ncomms13748), 13748 (2016).
N Liu, F Wang, L Liu, H Yu, S Xie, J Wang, Y Wang, GB Lee, WJ Li, “Rapidly patterning micro/nano devices by directly assembling ions and nanomaterials”,Scientific Reports 6 (doi:10.1038/srep32106), 32106 (2016).